San Antonio DWI Attorney Gets Results!!

dwiIt is important to hire the right Texas drunk driving attorney. An experienced attorney can mean the difference between staying out of jail, retaining your driver’s license, and keeping your job. This successful attorney is an expert in Texas drunk driving laws. His expertise is sought by his colleagues throughout the state for his knowledge. Click here for more information!

Texas drunk driving laws are strict and complicated. Serious fines are levied for those convicted of a DWI. It is in your best interest to hire the right Texas DWI lawyer to present an effective defense. This lawyer will protect your rights. If possible, he will beat the charges or minimize the damage. His extensive experience as a Texas drunk driving attorney shows his commitment to helping his clients to obtain the best possible results, preventing an arrest from destroying their life.

He is familiar with the weaknesses of the testing devices used by the police and how to present those discrepancies to a jury as part of the DWI defense. He does the extensive research required to discover any technical mistakes in police recordings and procedures that may get the charges dropped. His experience and professional track record are hard to beat. As a member of the Texas State Bar Association, he has represented hundreds of individuals with similar charges. Visit for a free consultation.